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You Asked, We Answered

Where are you located?

We are located on the J Dock at 31st Street Harbor in Chicago, IL (3155 S Lakeshore Dr).

Do we have to hire our own captain and crew?

Yes, we have an awesome list of captains and crew that you can call to provide you with a wonderful service. Each captain sets their own prices that range from $75 - $200/hour and crew members start at $50/hour depending on day, time, and occasion. Our team is what we are known for and provide the best service around! All captains and crew are trained and highly certified. 

Is the captain's tip included?

No, typically gratuity is 20% of the total cost of your experience.

How many people can I bring on the vessel with me?

You can invite up to 13 guests. If you have a larger party, we can reserve multiple vessels for you.

Can we book for more than three hours?

Absolutely! Whatever your heart desires, we will tailor your experience to your needs for any occasion.

Do you offer catering?

Even better, you can have a personal cook and server join you abroad so that you don't have to left a finger. Need a bartender? We have that as well. Hire one of our certified bartenders that will meet all of your needs.

Can we boat over to Indiana or Michigan?

Yes, please note that in your bookings. We can take you to the Indiana Play Pen, Michigan City, South Haven, Grand Haven, Holland etc.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please review our booking page. In addition, request a contract to review for exact policy. We are the only charter around that provides an option where you don't lose money. If you choose to cancel due to weather, you can choose any open day and time to reschedule at no loss to you. If you need to cancel, due to other circumstances, you can also reschedule for any open day but will not be refunded your deposit.

Where can I park and where do we meet?

There are THREE main areas to park, but we recommend taking public transit or ride share - the three areas are:

1. The public parking garage just east of Lake Shore Drive inside of the harbor just south of the beach. This garage ranges from $10 - $28 dollars.

2. There is a public parking lot just west of Lake Shore Drive. This is about a four block walk from the vessel.

3. There are public parking spaces just north east of Lake Shore Drive where you pay by the hour. These spots are 4-8 blocks from the vessel.

We will meet on J dock right by the blue "Dockside" delivery container.

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